Bruce Wilkinson is top of this weeks most unwanted list. He has an extensive rap sheet, mostly concerning guns and drugs. In a move that has irked the holder of his bail bond Mr. Wilkinson has gone AWOL. With $40,000 at stake the hunt is on. If there is one thing that irks a bondsman it is someone skipping out on their obligations.

It is suspected that he is laying low in the Tampa area of Florida. Anyone with information as to his whereabouts is urged to Contact bail bondsman Rod Dowston of Surety 3 at 1 (800) 691 2356 or Recovery Agent William Cobra Staubs 1 954 328 7373.

Bruce Wilkinson will be one of the segments on today’s radio broadcast at 3pm eastern, to listen live please use this link. If you have any information or have any questions I encourage you to call into our switchboard 646-378-1120. We will have the very latest developments in the hunt.

I suspect that the agents involved might be a tad bit cranky, due to lack of sleep. It is my understanding that nice warm beds have been eluding them for several days.

Simon Barrett

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