Yesterday I had an interesting conversation on air with Bail Bond Recovery Agent William Cobra Staubs and General Agent of Surety 3, Rod Dowston. Both gentleman have been involved with the Bail Bond industry for many years.

Although not connected to the bail bond industry the subject of the huge manhunt for Eric Frein in Pennsylvania came up. Cobra spent time in the area for several days last week. As he put it “No Bail Bondsmen need to apply”. The whole area is knee deep in law enforcement personnel. Even though there is a substantial award being offered for the capture of Eric Frein this is one instance where it is best left to the authorities.

Next on the list was a very curious court case that is meandering its way through the system. This one at first glance has implications to the Bond industry. A claim has been made that for a recovery to make a pick up, he or she needs to be registered in the particular county. The requirement obviously changes from state to state of what a Bondsman can do. But this is clearly a ludicrous interpretation of the law in Florida. The chances of it being upheld by the courts are zero. However it does make for an interesting conversation.

If you missed the live broadcast you can listen to the recording here.

While some of the program is aimed at people in the Bail Bond industry, it will also appeal to the general public. There is also a good deal of humor. A news story emerged this week about a Bail Bondsman that took two fugitives to the local jail, the police refused to take them, annoyed the bondsman took them to the courthouse and handcuffed them to the front door! Yes, the story is humorous, the consequences however are more serious.

William Cobra Staubs is a veteran recovery agent and owner of Case Closed.

Rod Dowston is the owner and CEO of Surety 3 General Agency and has three decades of experience in the industry.

Simon Barrett

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