I am still in awe and wonder of this episode. I have to admit I really did not want to make it. For weeks I have been telling people to focus on the light and good side of the commercial Bond business, not the sewage. Of course what I want and what I get are two very different things.

There are some basic rules, if you are a judge, don’t post videos of you and Mrs Judge having sex on YouTube. OK. That one is a no brainer. Actually there is probably a course on that subject in judge school. Even I could teach this course. If you are in the public eye, keep your wiener out of it.

Unfortunately not everyone seems to be able to keep their wiener out of the wood chipper. This is a phenomena that I find curious. Why do that? Sure I argue with my wife, but we kiss and make up before bedtime. Sometimes she is right, sometimes (mostly) I am right  🙂

The point is, we argue in private and we do not post silly videos online. What we do remains with us. I don’t even have a video of the two bottles of Sambuca night. Even if I did, I would not put it on Facebook. The Hallway was narrow and she bounced off the walls a few times, but she made it to bed without assistance.

I admit that on occasion I do tease her about that night, but it is in good fun.

As I am merely the host of AMU, it would be irresponsible of me to weigh in on this weeks program. I leave it to the listeners to draw their own conclusions. The recording is here.

It is not so much about the law as it is common sense.

Simon Barrett

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