For 7 months I have been hosting a radio program on the subject of bail bonds. Everyone is familiar with the TV newscaster telling the audience about Justin Bieber (or whoever) being arrested for some stupid stunt, but is now out on bond.

Few people however understand what a bond is or is not. It is easier to discuss what it is not, it is not a get out of jail free card from a Monopoly board game. It is a complex and highly regulated legal tool. Everyone involved, the Court, the accused, and the bond company have legal obligations. Should any of these parties step outside the legal boundary the penalties can be harsh.

On today’s program we talked about an interesting conundrum. The accused has failed to appear for a hearing. Instead he or she has checked into a rehab facility. How does a Bondsman exonerate themselves from the liability?

This question is far more complex than it seems. Kicking down the front door of the Rehab center might well result in someone being in jail. That someone however is likely to be the Bondsman rather than the accused.

If you missed the live program you can listen to the recording here

My thanks to everyone that participated.

William Cobra Staubs, The Bondzman out of Florida 954-328-7373

Rod Dowston, GA for Palmetto Insurance and owner of Surety 3, 904-257-3424.

Dan Abraham 1-888-IUncuff (486-2833). His email address is He can be found at he is your man in Michigan!

Tat2 – Likely the best known Bondsman in Louisiana, his program Big Easy Justice was a huge hit, and he can be found at Hookem and Bookem Elite Fugitive Recovery. 1-504-322-5852

Simon Barrett


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