Here is a question for you all, under what circumstances can two consenting adults have sex and yet in the eyes of the law it is declared rape? Well that is the situation that Bondsman JD Stiffler finds himself in. The story has been doing the rounds within the Bail Bond industry for a couple of weeks. The popular version is the JD Stiffler picked up a FTA, busted the door down, held a gun to the girls boyfriends head, and rather than take her to jail, brought her pancakes at IHOP then took her home, handcuffed her to his bed and raped her.

It is a pretty wild story, but is it true? This week on AMU we had the answer. William Cobra Staubs interviewed JD Stiffler to get his side of the story, it is a very different one that is circulating. However even if JD Stiffler is correct he may still be in big trouble.

The girl was technically under the care and protection of the Bondsman who was transporting her to a court appearance. Even though the sex was consensual the law could be used to bring a statutory rape charge. As JD Stiffler himself admits, his only real crime was stupidity.

The interview was fascinating, but equally so was the discussion that resulted.

It was a very busy program with input from William Cobra Staubs, Matthew Todd, Dan Abrahams, Jason Pollack, Tracy Gonsalez, Lenny Biggers, and a cast of thousands.

If you missed the live broadcast you can listen to the recording here.

Simon Barrett.



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