The world of Bail Bonds is a complex one. It is a veritable mire of laws and regulations. This week on the program we will be joined by Dale Miller owner of Romelli Bail Bonds in Somona California. There have been some interesting developments by local judges in what looks like a tightening up of the Bail Bond system.

I am looking forward to talking to Dale as not only is he a Bail Bondsman, but also a third year Law Student.

Other items on the agenda are the ongoing implications of PreTrial Release. One has to wonder if PTR is a subtle way for a sector of the judicial system to thumb their noses at the Bail Bond industry?

How about state to state extradition? This again is a complex subject, not just for Bail Bonds, but for law enforcement agencies. I believe it is time to overhaul and standardize the system.

Joining me on the program will be Florida recovery agents William Cobra Staubs and Matthew Todd, Florida Bail Bondsman Nancy Kelly, and Rod Dowston, owner of Surety 3 and General Agent for Palmetto Insurance.

To listen in live to what will be a spirited discussion use this link at 3pm eastern.

Simon Barrett

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