This week on the program we will be looking at Pre-trial Release, Pre-trial Intervention and Pre-Trial Diversion. These are terms that the man in the street likely had never heard of until the Ray Rice story broke. The difference between PTR and PTI/PTD are significant. Joining me this week to explore the subject are Bail Bond experts William Cobra Staubs. Matt Todd and Richard Halleck.

There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding of exactly what these programs are and what effect they have on the Bail Bond industry. It is also an important subject for the man in the street. In the event that you do something against the law and find yourself in front of a judge, what are your options? Bail, PTR or PTI/PTD. The differences are significant and care should be taken when selecting the option that best fits your needs. As the saying goes ‘There is no free lunch’. What might work well for one person may be a disaster for another.

Please join us on air at 3pm eastern today for what I am sure will be a lively discussion. To listen in live, or call in with your questions please click here.

Time permitting we might also talk about a Bail Bonds story out of North Carolina. It is a cracker!

Simon Barrett



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