“More select are the 2 million households where the income may rise to as much as a $100 million. The $100 million-to-$1 billion crowd number in the thousands. Then there are either 400 billionaires or a thousand – the debate is on.”
RICHISTAN. By Robert Frank.

On the surface it would seem that we as Americans should be feeling warm and fuzzy about this as we await our own opportunity to become a member of that list.  But at what expense, or rather whose expense are all these vast sums being accumulated?I realize that in theory the more money people earn, the more they’re able to purchase, and to put it simply, the better our economy runs.  We as a nation should be able to build, produce, and sell more, and in effect keep ourselves in sustainable jobs.But let’s just take a moment and consider what the wealthy really purchase.  I’m sure they purchase basic supplies such as trash bags, pet food, aluminum foil, and I guess toilet paper.  All the basic needs which we all need to purchase on a continuous basis. These basic needs they will purchase is just a drop in a bucket compared to how much money they will actually spend though, and unfortunately most of the higher cost items will not benefit our county as a whole. Most of the more expensive items will come from other countries, or at least benefit other countries.  Such things like vacations, the purchasing of expensive gifts in those countries, and not to mention dinning and entertainment.   Artwork, a well stocked wine cellar, cars, clothing, and the list can go on forever.  Not a lot of American manufacturing or craftsmanship involved here.  I also realize that foreign dollars come here by the same token, but most of that ends up within the tight grips of names such as Disney, Las Vegas, and others.  I’ll admit that I am not sure how the wealth gets divided up at this point, but from what I’ve seen of bonuses to CEOs, and others, I would guess it would amount to a minimum.  Not too unusual to see 450 million dollar bonuses handed out like perfume samples at Macy’s at the end of the corporate year.

Factory jobs disappear as workers are being replaced by machines bought from Germany and China.  Major industries here close down to stiff competition from other countries, and even the old entry level standby jobs are being outsourced to offshore countries.

Just how much can this nation of ours exist on the lower paying jobs in the service industry is beyond me.  I fear that it can’t be for very long.  Looking to our Government will be a waste of time, seeing how they’re mostly busy getting their part of the money pie.

We need to face the sad truth that the pie has been gone for quite a while, and the crumbs which are left will not sustain life much longer in our country.


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