Oracle/BMW have done it! They have wrestled the Americas Cup out of Alinghis grasp. I for one am no fan of the entire shenanigans that took place, there was more spent in the damn courtroom than on the water, but finally the boats did get to match up.

The start of race two in some ways was a replay of race one with Alinghi copping a penalty before the race had even started. Todays screw up was a classic, they were still in the pre-start box when the pre-start began. This is match racing 101!

With less than a minute left on the clock Alinghi then managed a long slow tack that made them decades late for the start line. However the did manage to find mire wind on the right hand side of the course and for most of the upwind leg were actually leading. Like a bad call very close to mark one they opted to not tack right in front of Oracle/BMW, that was a huge mistake, and Oracle rounded with a 28 second lead. The two reaching legs just saw the lead extend. During leg two Alinghi did pop up a red penalty flag, but it could not possibly been for an on the water infraction, one can only guess it was for something technical.

Anyway the good news is that the Americas Cup is now headed back to America. YAA HOO.

Simon Barrett

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