3:00am – Yup dragged my butt out of bed again for this apex of the sporting world. First thing I discover is that at 9:00am local the race officials already had the AP (race on hold) flag flying. Both teams are still in their home bases and the rules are that once the Race Committee gives the go ahead they will have three hours to get on the course. In practical terms that means there is going to be no race until at least 13:00 local time.

What chokes me is the reason for the postponement. Mondays race was canned because there was no wind, todays race is on hold because there was so much wind yesterday that the seas are choppy! The official release says:

The postponement flag went up ashore just before 0900hrs and so both Alinghi 5 and BMW ORACLE remain on standby at their bases awaiting a further decision from the Race Committee.

Three hours must be allowed between the lowering of the AP, ‘postponed’ flag ashore and the warning signal to commence the race countdown.
Race officer Harold Bennett explained that this morning’s postponement is principally due to the leftover seas kicked up by the strong northerly breezes of yesterday and last night.

Harold Bennett (NZL) Principal Race Officer:
“ There is breeze outside but it it’s not so much the wind it is the leftover wave out there which could be the problem. But we have to go out and look at it.”
“ We have two forecasts. One is saying we will have an offshore breeze, another is saying an onshore breeze and there could show some convergence on that. We will have to wait and see.”
“During the practice races we had conditions which were OK, but today we have conditions which are different again.

Are we ever actually going to see these two giant cats race?

While I have no love for either team I live in hope that Oracle/BMW win and return the cup to the US, that way it would not be necessary to haul my butt out of bed at 3am to watch the damn race.

3:30am – Well I am going to take a nap for a couple of hours. Obviously there is nothing going to be happening any time soon. Updates as I get them

5:00am – RC boat is out at the start line checking conditions.

5:09am – No racing today. Race one is now scheduled for 10:am local (dark thirty US) on Friday.

Simon Barrett

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