Throughout American history, we have been insistent that walls be taken down where ever they have been built throughout the world. President Ronald Reagan in 1987 demanded that the Berlin Wall be taken down by the then Soviet Premier Gorbachev. Listening to the commanding voice of Ronald Reagan logically and methodically provide the details as to why the most shameful structure ever built as an assault against human rights and personal freedom should be removed. In almost thirty years since the Reagan revolution which caused the demise of the Soviet Union and the emancipation of Eastern Europe, an American candidate for President wants to build a wall!

Walls do not provide solutions, they provide obstacles towards a realized American dream of prosperity and freedom. The reasoning against building a wall to keep illegal immigrants out of the United States contraindicates every operating principle that America holds as sacred and true to the stability of our American Republic. Instead of advocating the building of a wall to keep illegal immigrants out of the United States, a viable solution towards a realization of understanding all of the great ramifications the social inequalities that exist between the Mexican government and the United States bring with illegal immigration. Careful diplomatic communications with the Republic of Mexico should be the norm, not the exception in alleviating the border problems.

When a solution is reached that does not demand the building of an ostentatious Trump built wall is reached perhaps a normal understanding of economic and political issues will prevail. Dividing an already divided nation against our neighbors to the South will only escalate tensions, resulting in even greater migrations of illegal immigrants crossing the border. The desire to keep out Mexican citizens that are seeking a better chance and a higher quality of life in the United States is reflective of all of the great migrations that began with Jamestown and Plymouth Colony. America is a beacon for impoverished peoples from all nations that seek peace, justice and equality. Building a wall rebuffs our collective American psyche, which is formulated from our forefathers that emmigrated from their native lands to the New World to foster the principles that resulted in the United States.

The motto, “E pluribus unam, ” adorns our currency and is a touchstone phrase to the nature and purpose of our American experiment that separates us from totalarianism and dictatorships. If we permit the construction of a wall that impeeds the development and flourishing of human freedom, we have forgotten the message of history. That message of history, is the same one that was fostered by the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War when the Berlin Wall was imposed on the citizens of Berlin. If indeed we have learned anything since the fall of the Soviet Union and the demise of the Soviet brand of Communism it should clearly be this:

Walls are not the solution. Walls do not work. Even when the Berlin Wall was in its infancy, President John F. Kennedy went to Berlin to lend moral and political support for the imprisoned citizens of Berlin. Decades since Camelot, since Glasnost and Perestroika the United States and indeed all of humanity will not and should not tolerate another wall, especially one built to keep people seeking American freedom out a country that was founded to celebrate human rights and dignities as exemplified through personal freedom.

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