Few Americans outside North Carolina have heard of Vernon Robinson.  And few North Carolinians HAVEN’T heard of him.  He’s the far-right candidate running a low-bucks congressional campaign that has incumbent Brad Miller (D-NC) on the ropes.
   Robinson in theory has everything going against him.  He’s not only ultraconservative, he’s black in a Southern state.  His opponent isn’t either.  Robinson hasn’t got big budget for ads.  His opponent’s an incumbent congressman and Robinson’s only political experience is as a city councilman in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  And then most of all, Robinson is a very right-wing Republican and Miller an ultraliberal Democrat just a couple weeks from an election that being a Democrat supposedly is the big advantage in due to supposed middle-class rage against all things Republican.
   But look what’s happened.  In a replay of his 2004 congressional campaign in the district Winston-Salem actually is in where he came out first in the Republican primary before losing a runoff, it’s Robinson who’s speaking the real anger of the common man and has his opponent on the ropes because of it.  Like in the 2004 primary, basically all Robinson’s campaign is ads about the hottest issue in North Carolina now: illegal aliens.  While Robinson has branched out from his nearly exclusive reliance on radio ads in 2004 to heavy use of cable TV this time as well, he again is using a heavy dose of low-cost advertising rather than expensive TV broadcasts in much smaller number.
   Robinson’s improbable candidacy is doing so welll because so few in this state AREN’T angry about illegal aliens and the lack of any real response by federal, state, or local governments to rid us of them.  He’s getting ahead because people here have had it with soaring local and state taxes largely to fund schools in which kids of illegal aliens are the only growing student group.  He’s getting ahead because people here are sick of having to go through bureaucratic misery to get licenses renewed while the illegal aliens drive unlicensed with apparent impunity.  And he’s getting ahead because some state legislators actually proposed giving illegal aliens the cheap tuition this state gives state residents in its state colleges (a proposal that ended up withdrawn fast due to huge public outrage on talk shows in this state and a storm of email and phone messages to legislators).
   Sure, Robinson’s also got other issues working for him but almost coincidentally.  They include his opponent’s voting record while in Congress including votes for federal research funds into viewers’ response to pornography.  But the real reason Robinson is so far ahead is that the citizens here have had it with both illegal aliens and with their government’s total refusal to do anything as illegals grew in the past decade from nil to 1 in 10 residents of this state.


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