In a heroic effort to help save the Umwelt (environment) and not spend any of those less than hard earned euros sprudelnd (bubbling up) so impressively from the booming German economy, German consumers have instinctively and spontaneously begun an open-ended strike and now steadfastly refuse to buy any of the gas guzzling and environmentally threatening German automobiles which are so wonderfully manufactured here.

Unfortunately for them, mindlessly big spending American globalist strikebreaking punk dogs could care less about German environmental concerns and keep purchasing these way cool German automobiles at record numbers. “You want green?” asked one annoying American Porsche fan. “I got your green for you right here,” he said, tossing pockets full of American greenbacks at a baffled Porsche dealer in his neighborhood (don’t worry though, none of this money actually belonged to him).

In other words, the Germans purchased 11 percent fewer automobiles in September than they had in the previous month (this is a continuing trend) while Americans bought more German automobiles in September than ever before.

But an Arbeitsteilung (division of labor) like this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, you know, sometimes coordinated consuming works just fine. You know, like here, when it comes to beer.

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