In a serious blow to the claim of US as a country which upholds good principles of democracy, human rights and efficient policing, the blunders committed by the New York Police in arresting, handcuffing and humiliating Ms Krittika, the daughter of an Indian Diplomat require serious introspection by the US public.

To briefly summarise the event ( See report in Miami herald), a complaint was lodged by a school that one of their teachers had received an abusive e-mail. New York Police traced the IP address of the mail wrongly to implicate 18 year old Krittika, who was also a student of the school. Police ignored her diplomatic immunity plea, arrested her, handcuffed and humiliated her in the prison.

The parents of the accused hired a Cyber Expert to prove that Ms Krittika was in a mall at the time when an offensive e-mail was supposed to have been sent. (See  TOI report).

It is also reported that when the real culrpit was later identified in the same building, he was not arrested or humiliated. On the other hand Ms Krittika was not only humiliated by the Police but also by the School. The School namely John Bowne High School suspended Biswas on February 10, filed disciplinary charges, and sent her to a “reform” school where alleged criminals go for constitutionally mandated education. (See this ET report).

The incident proves that the New York Police did not understand “IP spoofing” or chose to ignore the knowledge. Rightfully, charges of racism is being made both against the New York Police and the John Browne  School.

It is not a surprise that a suit has been filed by Ms Krittika on the New York City authorities for compensation of US $ 1.5 million. But this is not a complete compensation to the treatment given to the young lady. Penal action needs to be taken both on the erring police officials as well as the school so that they donot repeat the mistake in future.

At the same time, US Citizens who are proud of their “Human Rights” credentials need to introspect if their faith in the US democracy and human rights credentials are misplaced.

Naavi of

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