In one week we will have a new American Idol. After watching the contestants perform for the past two or three months, all Americans are now asked to vote for either Blake Lewis or Jordin Sparks. The numbers tell us that these are the two that most of us think would make the best American superstar.

Did I miss something? Maybe I don’t understand the premise of this contest (It is a contest, is it not?). I thought it was a real-time competition for amateur vocalists to try out for a professional job. The one to garner the most votes would then get promoted from rookie-status to not only professional-status but Celebrity as well, thus the name American Idol. It seems to me that you would select the one contestant that has not only the most skill but the most polished talent as well. All of the top five hopefuls could have cultivated their abilities and become a professional but we were supposed to vote for The One that was already there I thought. But maybe I have it wrong and it wouldn’t be the first time so feel free to correct me. Are we looking for a new deity to worship or what? (I’m surprised the millions of god-fearing Christians haven’t suggested a name change for this show incidentally.)

Next week Blake and Jordin will sing for us again before the final votes are cast. It seems that it is just a formality and the competition is over. This week’s show seems to have been a formality as well. The voters already knew who they were voting for before anyone sang or so it seemed to me. There were several contestants that were nearly equal but I saw one that clearly stood out from the rest, namely Melinda Doolittle. I enjoy her music and will place her first album in my library on the shelf next to Clay Aiken’s.

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