After years of peaceful, hermit-like existence in the woods of the Mosel Valley, a rare American Waldmensch (forest dweller) has been captured and sentenced by a German court to a 14 month suspended jail sentence for drug possession and not having his papers in order. It seems his Waldaufenthaltserlaubnis (forest dweller’s dwelling permission certificate) had not been filled out properly and was therefore never officially issued.

After falling in love with a German woman who later dumped him for someone who could walk upright on two feet, the 43-year-old German-speaking American tourist spent years trying to overcome this significant emotional event by living alone in a forest area near Koblenz, foraging for food and cannabis, sleeping in an abandoned hut, and occasionally coming into town to work at fast-food restaurants (this puts a whole new light on one of the guys that works at my local McDonald’s).

It is unclear at this point if the German re-civilization process now put into action by German officials will include allowing the native New Yorker to return to a more heavily-populated German ecological niche or if a flight back home (in chains) to his native albeit concrete jungle might not be the more appropriate move.

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