Preface: I love america. I love smart ass comentators, even if I disagree.

Confusion: The “Right” says: We can’t let the democrats get control because they have no vision and will raise taxes. The “Left” says: The “Right” must not stay in power because the war in Iraq is killing troops, killing innocent iraqi’s and killing the American Image across the globe.

So they both have flaws. What else is new?

This isn’t a plug, but in Bill O’Reilly’s new book Culture Warrior, there’s a mock State of the Union Address made by some future woman president where she lays out the old world that was coming to an end, and the new more humanized world.

Basically – there’s a $15 Million dollar cap on earnings, tons of taxes, and almost no other regulation since no one can have their feelings hurt.

Higher taxes and income cap aside, is there something wrong if we keep the government out of most of everything else? Isn’t that what republicans are after anyway? I’m not anti-republican, but don’t they run on smaller government? It seems like…
Republicans: Big Government, Low Taxes

Democrats: Less Government Involvement, High Taxes.

Here’s how to decide: Stop thinking “left” or “right”. The problem is stupid people, dirty people, corrupt people. We all knew Pres. Bush was an inarticulate war-monger — I liked his blue-collar energy after 8 years of Bill Clinton’s “I don’t understand the word ‘sex’.” We went from extremely slimey to brutishly blunt. Maybe now we’re ready for the middle.

And what ever happened to that third Party? Are we too spineless, or so devoted to the brand name “Republican” or “Democrat” that we don’t see people for what they say. Are you making up your mind based on some other candidate’s TV AD? Tell me you’re not that dense.

Stop listening to Sean Hannity on your way to vote.

Don’t listen to Air America while you tick your boxes – get ALL sides.

Stop voting for your race. (I’ll get into race next.)

Notice we, the royal ‘we’, want you to get ALL sides, see what the Independent’s have to say. Maybe they’re the lone, underfunded voice of reason behind all the sqawking from the MAINSTREAM parties. Yeah, republicans can stop pretending like they’re the underground, beneath-the-radar party. They have the biggest news channel on TV and RADIO.

If you don’t vote for who you really want, if you think “A vote for Mr. 1 is a vote for Mr. 2, who I don’t like, so I’ll vote for Mr. 3. If you think that way – you’re the reason we have corruption. You’re the reason 89 year old congressmen who’ve been out of the loop for 40 years are still in office. You’re the reason the government pushes the boundaries on constitutionally-inherent rights. You’re the problem.

Think this as you vote:

If you don’t vote your conscience – you’re not doing your job!
Don’t let the toilet win.

-The Hypocrite-
Do as I say, Not as I do.

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