Most Americans believe that the Democrats will take over the House and Senate in the up-coming November 7 elections. Along with a win, America expects big changes, both for the better and for the worse, to come along with a Democratic take-over. One of the biggest changes expected: Removal of troops from Iraq.

In a survey conducted by USA Today reults showed, “of 1,002 adults Friday through Sunday underscores the high expectations and considerable trepidations around the prospect that Democrats could regain control of Congress for the first time since 1994. A 54% majority, including 1 in 4 Republicans, say a takeover of the House is likely.”

One passionate blogger writes, “After looking at the news for the past 10 days or so, I have to wonder how Democrats can possibly fail in their efforts to take both the House and the Senate. The national atmospherics don’t merely favor Democrats; they set the stage for a blowout of cosmic proportions next month.”

Americans blame Bush for much of what is going wrong in the nation, whether you agree that the blame is rightly placed or not. The country has long ago grown tired of the War, of broken promises and unfounded reasons for war (WMD’s) and is tired of Bush shirking responsibility and his refusal to accept that he has been wrong. Republicans are fast losing a strong-hold and with two years left of Bush at the helm, Americans are wanting to adjust the balance of power out of his favor.

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