Optical Illusion
Is this a Witch Hidden as a Girl?
The proposed amendments to Information Technology Act 2000
….which some say is a great effort to secure the Cyber Space in India so that BPOs can propsper and some other say it is a wicked fraud to introduce a Criminal Friendly law in India replacing the current law which was not found palatable to a few?
 Whenever a new law is introduced to replace and exisitng law, it is expected that the new law is an improvement that addresses the concerns of the society. So when the Indian Government thought of amending the Information Technology Act, many thought that the IT industry (including BPOs) would get a law that protects an Information Asset owner who is building wealth for the country. This required a law that would introduce deterrants to Cyber Crimes. A Law that would prevent abuse by the Police as well as the executive. A Law that addresses the issues arising out of Cyber Terrorism, Spam, Cyber Squatting etc if they had been omitted to be included earlier.
Instead, if the Government introduces amendments that would reduce punishments in most cases from three or 5 years imprisonment to one year, reduces  the powers of the Police, provides compounding at executive level even for criminal offences without consent of the victim, makes it difficult to apply penal provisions, provides immunity from vicariuos liabilities for intermeidaries against any law in the country, we must call it only as a “Criminal Friendly legislation”.  When this legislation is being pushed as making laws “Tighter”, then we must say it could even be called a fraud on the society.
When Nasscom which goes public and says that it welcomes the changes, then perhaps we must conclude that they are under an optical illusion…
And where are the professionals? concious keepers of the society?… Are they still unable to break through the illusion?
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