There is no doubt in my mind that the late 1960 was a pivotal time in the world of television, and were it not for some farsighted risk takers many of today’s shows would never have seen the light of day. There are three TV shows that I really think were influential, The Man From U.N.C.L.E popularized the modern spy, and spawned who knows how many spy related series. The Avengers, was without question before its time, the plot lines were well developed, and much of it relied on science, not so much science fiction, but science maybe just around the corner.

My final pick has to be The Prisoner, this was a stunning psychological checkerboard of ideas. It is a true testament to its unique makeup that here we are 40 years later, there are well over a dozen Prisoner web sites, an annual Prisoner get together in Portmeirion, North Wales, where the show was filmed, and there are many active discussion threads still trying to dissect the deeper, or definitive meaning behind the series. Many TV shows skimp on one aspect or another, The Prisoner, used the very best writers, the best actors, and having the very wonderful resort and village of Portmeirion as the backdrop added a layer of appeal that made this a very visually and cerebrally stimulating series.

It is fitting, that finally there is going to be a new ‘Number 6’. For those of you who are not familiar with the show, Number 6 was the star, in my mind a political prisoner, but not in the traditional way. Although hard facts are still a little sketchy about the remake, huge amounts of research, (Ok, thats a bit of an exaggeration), I asked some of the folks in the know! I flexed my reviewers ‘muscle’, in other words I groveled with the PR company that are repping it.

Here is what I know for sure. It is going to be premiering in 2009 on the AMC channel. Jim Caviezel will play the title role of Number Six and two-time Oscar nominee Ian McKellen will co-star playing the role of Number Two. In other words, I don’t know much! But I do know something that maybe the other fans sites don’t, and I have pictures!

Comic Con is an annual event in San Diego, thousands merge for a weekend celebrating their favorite comic and sci fi hero’s, if walk around downtown, you are as likely to see Darth Vader, as a family visiting from North Dakota! This year there was a new element, The Prisoner made an appearance.

Transparent stickers with a number “6” were placed in unusual places including ceilings, floors and even restroom mirrors. In the afternoons, “Seek the Six” sky-writing was seen above the convention center. The convention floor was also populated with dozens of numbered men in black suits who randomly uttered the iconic phrase “I Am Not A Number”, but refused to offer any clues to their purpose other than “the truth is right beside you”.

This is viral marketing at its finest. Convention goers were also given a very, very cryptic card, and I have looked at it till I am blue in the face, but apparently it leads the decoder to a web site.

I looked through the picture gallery, I am sure the clues are there, but they certainly are beating this intrepid review right now. Fear not, I don’t give up easily, I will keep hounding my sources until I get some more information. And as soon as I do, you can bet there will be a story here on Bloggernews, so check back often. OH, and if you have any insights, drop me a line.

Simon Barrett

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