Wednesday morning two men, which police believe to be Mexican drug dealers, entered a home of 6 year old Cole Puffinburger posing as police officers and tied up the boy’s mother and her fiancé and then ransacked the apartment apparently looking for money. When they couldn’t find it they took little Cole by gunpoint and left. Police think there was possibly a third man involved also, all were Hispanic.

During the investigation it was discovered that the little boy’s grandfather, Clemons Fred Tinnemeyer, who was last seen by family members in May and had been reported as missing just last month, possibly has stolen a large sum of money , all of which was from illegal drug activity.

Nevada authorities say that the grandfather has been named as a “person of interest” in connection with the kidnapping of his grandson. Tinnemeyer has been captured in Southern California, in the city of Riverside and he was arrested for questioning.

A nationwide Amber Alert was issued for Cole Puffinburger. Cole is described to have blond hair and blue eyes. He wears eye glasses with a silver rim on them and he is 3’11” tall and weighs about 48 lbs.

Unfortunately statistics show that the violent drug cartel in Mexico are blamed for up to 500 kidnappings a month , and more than 3700 murders so far this year according to CBS correspondent Bill Whitaker.

Money is obviously a huge factor in this case as is drugs. This little boy is an innocent party in all this and he shouldn’t be submitted to the fear they are putting him through. I pray to God that they release little Cole unharmed and that this doesn’t leave a permanent scar in his mind. I pray that they are at least taking care of him properly while waiting to get their money. It breaks my heart to think of them mistreating this innocent child. Cole shouldn’t have to pay for his grandfather’s mistakes or for anyone else’s for that matter.

If anyone has any information in this case that could lead investigators to finding Cole, please call the Las Vegas police department or your local police department. All it takes is one tip and it could possibly save this child’s life.

God be with you Cole!

Jan Barrett

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