Baby John Doe17 days old is not very old. From what reports I have read this little baby boy is heading for a long difficult life if indeed the mother is a heavy methamphetamine user that has passed it on to the baby, because the police say he has potentially severe medical issues due to his mother’s drug use.

An Amber Alert has been issued for the baby, John Turner, because the police fear the baby to be in “grave danger”. They are looking for the child’s mother, 31 year old Roshell Marie Turner. The baby was born on January 27, 2014. They say the baby needs immediate medical attention.

2-14-14Child Protection Services has already removed numerous other children from Turner’s custody before this. Turner is described as being white, and she is about 5’5” tall. She weighs about 190 pounds and she has brown eyes and mid-length black hair. The police say she likes going to the Casino Road area in Everett, Washington and she usually stays within the Snohomish County area.

gueroThe police say Turner could possibly be with a Hispanic male known as “Guero” and they might be hiding out in the South Everett area. They are also trying to locate a woman named Marylee Cavin. They have reason to believe Cavin may be helping to hide Turner and the baby. Cavin could possibly be driving them around in an unknown color SUV.

The police are asking for help from the public. They ask if anyone has seen Turner or is they have any information about where she might be to please call 911 immediately or they can just call the Everett Police Department at 425-407-3970

I pray that God will let this child be found so he can get the medication he needs.

Jan Barrett

Update: Everett police say the mother and baby were found Friday afternoon in an apartment in the city. The baby was examined by the firefighters then transported to a local hospital for additional treatment.The child will be placed with Child Protective Services while a decision on placement is made. Thank you, God!!!!

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