trina-marie-meiselThe officials in Calgary, Alberta are saying that 6 year old Taya Meisel and her 12 year old sister, Talisha apparently snuck out of their school in a small village of Hamlet, near Vulcan, Alberta, about an hour southwest of Calgary through the back way Monday morning and their mother, 48 year old Trina Marie Meisel, picked them up. Trina does not have legal guardianship of her daughters though.

Talisha MeiselA warrant has been issued for Trina on two counts of abduction. It has been learned that she is also facing 24 charges of theft and a charge of setting a trap to cause bodily harm. These extra charges are not related to the alleged abductions.

An Amber Alert was not issued until today because when they first disappeared there was no reason to believe the girls were in any immediate danger. Vulcan RCMP Constable Greg Hendry said, “All those factors were evaluated and the decision was made that we felt the children were not in imminent danger and that’s why an Amber Alert was not issued [earlier].”

Taya MeiselRCMP said the girls are at an increased risk the longer they are away from their legal guardian.

Talisha is said to have long blonde wavy hair and she was last seen wearing a turquoise-green sweater, a grey striped T-shirt and blue jeans. Her little sister, Taya also has long blonde wavy hair and she wears prescription glasses.

Trina is described as being 5 ft 6 in tall and she weighs about 123 pounds. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Trina Meisel is believed to be traveling with the girls in a 2007 black Honda CRV with Alberta license plate ORNRSE.

The police say they have now been spotted in Golden, BC. In a statement released, RCMP said, “The last sighting of the vehicle was in Golden, BC and anyone with information is asked to contact 911 or the Vulcan RCMP at 403-485-2267.

I don’t know the circumstances as to why this women doesn’t have custody of her two daughters but I do hope and pray that while she is on the run with them that she makes sure there is no harm done to them. I pray they will be returned alive and well soon.

Jan Barrett

UPDATE: Police said they found the mother and children in Boston Bar, B.C. “The two girls are okay and investigators are working with the Ministry of Children and Family Development with respect to their care,” Sgt. Rob Vermeulen said in a statement. Trina Marie Meisel was arrested and charged with two counts of abduction.

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