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For the second time in four days in Massachusetts an Amber alert has been issued by the police. Ryan, 3, Lyndsey, 2, Lauren, 22 months, and Roddick, 11 months, have allegedly been kidnapped along with their mother by their father, Rodlyn Petitbois.

The children were last seen at 1 am at the scene of a homicide  and are believed to be with their father, Rodlyn Petitbois, 25, and their mother, Louna Eveillard, 26 who state police spokesman David Procopio believe was kidnapped along with the children. “We do not believe she is a willing participant” he said.

Procopio said “Rodlyn Petitbois is potentially armed and considered dangerous.” When he was asked if they thought the children to be in danger he said, “Based on the totality of the circumstances, yes.”

Police says they found an unidentified 32 year old woman dead at the High Rock multi-family home in Lynn, about 15 miles north of Boston. Police says Petitbois is wanted for questioning in the fatal stabbing of the woman.

Petitbois is described as black, with black hair worn in corn rows and a beard. His wife is also black with a slender build and she has short hair and is of Haitian descent and speaks broken English. She is also believed to have a significant injury on one of her hands which may need medical attention.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Massachusetts State Police at 508-820-2121 or to dial 911.

Update: The Amber Alert was cancelled Wednesday when Rodlyn Petitbois was arrested in Brooklyn New York. Police said that the four young children and their mother were all in good health.

Jan Barrett

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