A 6 year old boy was apparently kidnapped after two men entered the boy’s family’s home posing as police officers Wednesday. Las Vegas Police Captain Vincent Cannito said during a new conference Thursday that there is a definite “drug nexus.” He says that “significant money and drugs” were involved but he wouldn’t give more details. An Amber Alert has been expanded nationwide for the search for the boy.

According to Cannito two men identified themselves as police officers to get inside the home. They demanded money and then ransacked the house. They tied up the boy’s mother and her boyfriend and then took the boy, Cole Puffinburger with them. There is no word whether or not the family has received any type of ransom notes.

The child kidnapped has blonde hair, blue eyes and wears silver-framed eye glasses. He is described as 3 ft 11 in. and weighs 48 lbs. He was last seen wearing blue jeans, tennis shoes, a black shirt and a black zip up sweat shirt with white, black and blue stars on it.

The two men that took the child were Hispanic and they also think there was a third man involved. One of the men is described with black shoulder length, slicked back hair, in his early 30’s. He is said to weigh about 150 lbs and is about 5 ft 7 in tall. He was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans.

There is no description of the other men involved nor do they have a description of the case they got away in.

“We’re urging people, if they’ve seen anything, to contact our missing person’s detail,” said Las Vegas police officer Bill Cassell. “We’ve had a lot of tips,” Cassell said. “The frustrating thing is we have nothing new at this point.”

I pray that little Cole is found unharmed and safe.

Jan Barrett

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