robin-alissa-longnon.jpgAn Amber Alert was issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety for a 4 year old little girl from Cleveland Texas, a community just north of Houston, Texas. This precious little angel, Robin Alissa Longnon was reportedly kidnapped Monday night apparently by her mother’s ex-boyfriend, 39 year old Jorge Arturo Rodriguez.

Robin had been left in the care of Rodriguez and she is believed to be in danger because reports are that he has had violent tendencies towards this baby in the past. Rodriguez was last seen driving a white 2005 Mazda van that has Louisiana license plate # RWG618 on it.

Little Robin has black hair and brown eyes and she is 3 feet tall and she weighs about 30 pounds. When she was last seen she was wearing a pink and brown shirt. She was last seen at 11:00 pm Monday night near Cleveland in San Jacinto County.

Rodriguez is described as a Hispanic male with black hair and brown eyes.

I am sorry but I would have to question why this man was even allowed to be alone with this child to begin with if he has a past of hurting her before. Why would any mother leave their child with someone that they know has hurt that child before? I really would like to know the story behind this one. Where was the mother? Why was this man given the opportunity to be alone with this child? Why would he want to hurt her to begin with? So many questions with so few answers at this point.

If you or anyone else have seen this little girl please call the Texas Department of Public Safety at (512) 424-2000. It could keep her from being harmed or even worse. I just pray that this little girl is found before something terrible happens to her. So please if anyone has seen her call it in to the authorities before it is too late.

Jan Barrett

Update: Robin Alissa Longnon was turned into police at 8 a.m. this morning. I will give more details when I receive them. Thank God she has been found!

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