The police are saying that 2 year old Noelani Robinson was abducted after her mother, Sierra Robinson, was murdered in Milwaukee on March 11, 2019. According to reports Robinson traveled from Las Vegas with her daughter, so she could meet her father, Dariaz Higgins, who happens to be Sierra’s former pimp.

Court records show that Sierra was with a friend and Higgins in a car, when they arrived at an apartment that Higgins claimed the child was. Sierra and her friend got out the car and they walked to the door of the apartment, when Higgins shot them multiple times. While Sierra was pronounced dead at the scene her friend was taken to a nearby hospital and was treated for multiple gunshot wounds.

Sierra’s father, Hank Robinson, told the police that his daughter and granddaughter were living in Kansas City. He claims Sierra was trying to get her life together. Higgins had convinced Sierra to bring Noelani to Milwaukee for a visit back in January, since he had never met the baby before.

Hank made a plea to Higgins to please just drop his granddaughter off somewhere safe.

“My message for him is surface,” Robinson said. “Tell your side of the story.”

“I need my grand-baby back,” he said. “I need my daughter too, but at least my granddaughter.”

Authorities do not know where Higgins is heading and they are not sure if he even has the child with him but he does drive a black or dark blue SUV. Dariaz Higgins is considered armed and dangerous. If you happen to see Higgins and Noelani Robinson to please call 911 immediately.

Also they are asking for the public to share the information of the Amber Alert on social media or any other way possible.

I pray that this baby is alive and well and that if in fact her father does have her with him that he will have a change of heart and return her safe and sound. God be with you Noelani Robinson!!

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