jessica-ridgeway.jpgAdults have their daily routines they follow day after day and when something interrupts that routine we get off track. Well children have their routines also and most of the time when one of theirs is interrupted adults notices it.

That is the case here. 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway normally would meet her friends every school day at a park, about 3 blocks from her home and from there they would all walk to school, at Witt Elementary School in Westminster, Colorado, but Friday morning, October 5, 2012, when Jessica left home and headed to the park as usual something happened. It is a mystery right now but Jessica never made it to the park. She never made it to school that morning either.

Jessica’s mother works at night so when the school tried to call her to report Jessica’s absence she didn’t hear the phone ringing through her sleep. Once her mother realized her daughter was missing she notified the police and an Amber Alert was issued for her.

Westminster Police say that a backpack, believed to belong to Jessica has been found on a sidewalk about 6 miles from Jessica’s home which is a suburb of Denver. Jessica is described as a white female that weighs about 80 lbs. and is 4 ft 10 in. tall. She has blue eyes and her hair is blond shoulder length. She was last seen wearing blue jeans, black boots, a black puffy jacket and pink and purple glasses.

The police won’t discuss the contents of the book bag but they say it had led them to extend their search to the Rock Creek subdivision of Superior. Apparently the parents of Jessica are in a custody battle over Jessica but the police don’t feel that the little girl is with her father. The father lives in Missouri and the police have talked to him but he says he doesn’t know where his daughter is.

It is being reported that about three weeks ago students at an Arvada school saw a man in a dark sedan trying to lure children to the car. School officials sent out letters to all of the county’s schools which included Jessica’s school. Authorities are looking into this to see if there could be a connection.

The Westminster Police are asking that if anyone has any information on the whereabouts of Jessica Ridgeway to please call them at 303-658-4360 or the hotline at 303-658-4336.

I pray this little girl is found and returned to her mother before any harm is done to her.

Jan Barrett

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