An Amber Alert has been issued for an 8 month old little boy named Anthony Holland. He is believed to be with a man named Anthony Reid who is 22 years old.

The child is a black male, and is only about 2 ft. 4 in tall. He only weighs about 20 lbs. and has brown hair and brown eyes. When he was last seen he was wearing a white onesie with black pants. He was last seen in Warren Ohio shortly before 3 pm Saturday,

The man he is believed to be with is described as a black male, and he is 5 ft 11 in tall. He wears about 150 lbs and has black hair and brown eyes. Reid could be driving a silver 1998 Honda that has four doors and it has a Ohio license plate on it. The plate number is EJF6121.

Anyone with any information about where little Anthony Holland is please call 1-877-AMBER-OH (1-877-3764) or just dial 911.

Unfortunately there is no more information out there about this case that I can find at this time. No picture, no mentioning of the parents and no information surrounding the case as to how the child went missing or why they suspect the child is with Anthony Reid. Is this man the child’s father or is he a relative or a stranger? Is the child considered in danger with this man or not? I think all these points would be helpful in finding the child.

If this were my baby you can bet I would be putting out as much information as I could that would help find him to bring him home to me.

I pray that this baby is found soon and brought home safe. As with all the other children I pray for all of them every night that we at BNN have followed in their cases whether they are alive or not. We still say our prayers for them. The list keeps getting bigger but let me try and name them. Please forgive me if I forget some. Caylee Anthony, Adji Desir, Haleigh Cummings, Somer Renee Thompson, Elizabeth Olten, Masaraha Ross, Alex Mercado, Rebecca Marie Allen, Sandra Cantu and Shaniya Nicole Davis. Please keep them all in your prayers and all the others out there too. God Bless them all and all of you as well!

Jan Barrett

As a favor to our readers I am posting these web sites:

Stop the abuse and murder of the children in the U.S.

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