christopher-endicott.jpgYesterday I wrote an article to let the public know about an Amber Alert issued in Metcalf County, Kentucky for two teenagers, 12 year old Kyra Shockley and 15 year old Christopher Endicott. The police said that they were concerned for the teens thinking they may be in danger, and that they had reason to believe that they could have been involved in a double homicide.

The Amber Alert has now been canceled because the two teens have been located. A Firefighter spotted them while they were in the 1997 white Chevrolet Lumina that the kids were thought to be in, driving on a highway in Barren County, apparently more than 20 miles away from the home where the homicide took place which happens to be the legal guardians of Christopher Endicott.

Authorities were notified of the disappearance of Kyra by her parents. They reported it after she had been missing for over three hours and after making several attempts to locate the legal guardians of the boy, Gary Holloway, 50 and his wife 51 year old Barbara Holloway, to question them, a family member discovered the couple dead inside their home which is near Edmonton Ky.

According to what the public affairs officer that is with Kentucky State Police, Billy Gregory, told ABC News, the kids were in a “boyfriend-girlfriend” relationship. The Lexington Harold-Leader says that the police seem to believe that the children felt the need to kill the couple in order for them to be together. Endicott has now been placed under arrest and he has been charged with murder.

As of yet the girl has not been charged, but she has been released to the custody of her parents. Police seem to be suggesting that during an interview with the boy that he admitted to the murder. Additional charges including fleeing and evading the police, wanton endangerment and reckless driving without a driver’s license.

These two kids are way too young to have to be going through this. I have to wonder why they would have felt the need to commit such a crime as murder of not only one but two, so they could be together as girlfriend/boyfriend. I have to pray for these kids. I have a feeling there is so much more to this story that is not known yet.

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Jan Barrett

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