A one-year-old child was left in a car near where he lived with his parents inside the home, but someone stole the vehicle while the boy was still in his car seat. According to police, Blaise Barnett was still in the car around 1 a.m. Wednesday.

The mother said the baby was wearing a green tank top with a dinosaur print on the front and a diaper. He was also wrapped in a blanket.

The police say the car was a 2002 gray or silver Ford Explorer with a Tag Applied For sign on the back window of the car and a temporary tag #P2722946.

In an update the police reported the stolen car has been located but both the baby and the car seat he was in had been removed from the car by the time it was found at the Brannon Hill Condominiums late Wednesday morning.

DeKalb County police have joined the Clarkston Police Dept in the search for this baby, At the end of the day the Mother was putting out a plea to whoever has her son to please just take the baby to a safe place and turn him in. She just wants her son back safely.

She said that her car was parked in front of their home as she went inside, while the child’s father took their nephew and a couple of things from the car into the house.

She said the father was gone maybe 30 seconds before returning outside to get the baby, but the baby and the car were gone. The family has reasons to believe that a boy maybe 15 or 16 years old may have taken the car. They remembered seeing him walking down the street at the time of the incident. The mother says the teen was wearing black pants and black shoes, and he had a black jacket with a yellow and green square pattern on

The mother is pleading to whoever has her child to just bring the baby back to her. She says they only want him back and do not want to press any charges.

If you have any information or know anyone that does, please call 9-1-1 or Clarkston police at 404-557-8956.

My prayers will be for this child to be returned to his family safely. He must be pretty scared right now and not knowing what is going on.

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