Washington, DC:Gambian Ambassador to the United States of America Dodou Bammy Jagne is a joke. Mr.Jagne should be recalled without delay. Jagne is not the right person to represent the Gambia overseas. He don’t seems to know his work as a diplomat. The man is doing a great disservice to the Gambia and her people. He should call it quits. Bammy is behaving as if he doesn’t know that there is a Transparency office in The Gambia. Bammy should be ready for the inevitable sack as Jammeh is poised to replace him soon. His last minute statements to appease Jammeh or the Transparency local office in Banjul cannot save him from going. There is a big reform on the diplomatic line in days to come. Jagne is a square peg in round hole. He needs some training to accomplish his diplomatic dream. What Jagne fails to realize is that Transparency operates outside government circles and its decision cannot be manipulated by a corrupt government like the one he served in DC. Bammy Jagne is more of a so called technocrat than a diplomat. Since he assumed that high office, he initiated no significant development our country can pride itself with. The Millennium Challenge Account was suspended because of lack of good governance, respect for the rule of law and human rights. Jagne would ask me what he has do with the suspension. Wait a minute, I’m coming with the answers. It’s Jagne’s duty to promote the government image to the civilized world, most importantly its nationals. But no, Jagne is busy undermining people he suspect of being opponents of the government. He devoted must of his time trying to paint negative picture of perceived government opponents. Jagne should take a break and work for the betterment of our dear country. From the information I received today from an insider at the Foreign office in Banjul, Jagne was Kaba Bajo’s errand boy and as such is currently worried about his possible replacement. Kaba is gone, but his boys are still serving as Ambassadors. Left with Balla Jahumpa alone, Jagne would not move an inch, but the President according to sources has a list of people he intends to replace in the diplomatic field. Jagne happens to be one those Ambassadors to be replaced. Call your Marabout and seek for prayers. Jammeh is contemplating replacing you soon. Meanwhile, Pa Njaga Mendy who helped President Jammeh to persecute Gambians over the years is refusing to return home after been recalled. Mendy’s replacement has since assumed office, but he is refusing to return home. Mendy was the first secretary at the Gambian DC Embassy prior to his removal. It is gathered that Pa Njaga is currently working at a store in Mary land. Mr.Mendy who recently handed his official car to the the embassy officials has secured a second hand mini van which he uses to travel within DC and its metropolitan area. He is using Marena’s case as a justification not to return home. Pa Njaga is free to come and dispute my claim if he feels that my information is inaccurate. Ambassador Jagne should bear in mind that governments comes and go. He is serving a corrupt and murderous regime which is facing local and international isolation. Tell Jammeh to fight graft and not to use your office to induce independent Transparency local workers. Transparency index reports are well researched, reliable and undisputable. Chi, Jamaa. Peace. Posted on Wednesday, November 08, 2006 (Archive on Wednesday, November 15, 2006) Posted by PNMBAI Contributed by PNMBAI Return Copyright 2006 (c) Freedom Newspaper, LLC. : Powered By PointClick : Terms

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