I love music and I love free stuff! I just found out that Amazon are running a deal on their Amazon Music product.

The pricing is as follows:

* Non-prime members – $9.99 per month; month to month
* Prime Members – $7.99/month
* Amazon Echo, Dot or Tap owners – $3.99/month
* Family Plan – $14.99/month for up to 6 family members for Prime and non-Prime members

I like to stream music, it makes a lot of sense, you don’t need the physical disc’s and you don’t need to store the data. You just download it when you want to listen to it.

So where is the ‘free stuff’? Well, the first month is free! Cancel before the month is up and life is good and your bank account is not harmed.

I recommend that you take Amazon Music out for a spin’

Try Amazon Music Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

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