As anticipation builds up for Game 6 of the NLCS tonight, one can’t help to wonder who the baseball gods will favor tonight. The Cardinals of Missouri (isn’t it too egotistical of them to just belong to St. Louis?) in a life or death struggle versus the NY Mets as the rookie John Maine faces Cy Young winner Cris Carpenter and while the Mighty’ Mets are faced with total elimination, the Cards have assured themselves of 7th game life in Flushing if Cris happens to regurgitate a subpar performance as he did in his first start versus New York this series.

Whichever result occurs its safe to say that both teams are full of Davids and Goliaths, whether its diminutive perksy-hitting David Eckstein and slugger Albert Pujols patrolling the St. Louis infield or “5 Tool” superstar Carlos Beltran teaming in the outfield with Washington cast-off Endy Chavez, it is clear it is still anybody’s series even if Missouri’s squad holds a game’s edge over the Amazin’s. So as I listen to a New York sports radio host request for “divine intervention” in favor of Met youngster John Maine, I say, it’s been a good series thus far and I’m sure the best of both clubs is yet to come. Enjoy this one tonight baseball folks!

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