The biggest U.S. measles outbreak within the last ten years occurred with 34 people infected in 2005. It was all traced to just one person – a 17-year-old girl that went to Romania without vaccinations. With tight security these days, we wonder how this happened?

Whatever the cause, this one girl accounted for over half of the 66 total measles cases in the USA last year. If this had been checked more closely, measles would be further along the way to being eliminated completely. The teenager caught measles while visiting a Romanian orphanage, and she passed it on at her church when she returned home. A vaccination would have prevented it all.

As it was, three people had to go to the hospital in America from this, and only two of the 34 the teen infected had been vaccinated. Although the U.S. vaccination rate is now more than 90 percent for measles, it needs to be 100% in order to prevent death in the infected and birth defects in pregnant women’s children when the moms are infected. We can eradicate measles before 2010 if we focus on it.

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