Rick Wakeman has produced a lush DVD/CD set of inspirational instrumental versions of popular hymns. The bonus vocal track is sung by his daughter Jemma Wakeman with the English Chamber Choir. The DVD is rather unusual. Instead of the normal live performance of his twiddling with his keyboards we see pastoral scenes that are meant to be relaxing. The DVD part of this CD is meant to be not only background music but visuals as well.

The CD that included has even more hymnal tracks as well as yet another version of Amazing Grace. I am sure most of you know who Rick Wakeman is, but in case you don’t let me remind you. Wakeman is former keyboard player with the prog powerhouse Yes. He began his keyboard rise to stardom with The Strawbs. The man is prolific and continues to work and release music when most people are happy in their retirement. There is no doubting his talent and its all on show here.

While instrumental versions of hymns might not be the regular fare of most of the people who read my columns or normal reviews you can’t fault the quality of this release. Its nicely packaged and you get quite a bit of music for yer money. Futhermore this would be a great present for your favourite religious Christian. And lets face it, a rousing redition of Jerusalem always does one good.

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