Amadou Lowe of Atlanta must be “sick” in the head! Lowe’s naked”lies and misinformation” campaign exposed!
Amadou Lowe of Atlanta must be “sick” in the head!!

“Lowe’s Lies and smear campaign” against the Freedom Newspaper cannot go unchallenged!!

Editors call Lowe ” A so called dishonest” intellectual without vision!

Amadou Lowe must be sick in the head to black mail the Freedom Newspaper with his naked lies and smear campaign. What Lowe fails to understand is that the Freedom Newspaper is not for sale. It’s not here to satisfy any political grouping. His repeated attempts to prevail on the Editor of this paper to censor Lamarana Jallow’s stories failed woefully. We just treated him as “an idle caller” who wants to poke his noise into an area, which is alien to him. Lowe is not a  journalist to tell us how to run our show. It’s an insult for a  non journalist to try to dictate or direct the affairs of an Independent paper like the Freedom Newspaper. He cunningly tried to hide under the shadow of being Mr.M’Bai’s in law to deny Lamarana Jallow publication here at Freedom. Journalism is beyond relationship. We tell the story as it happened,  no matter who is affected. “Journalist Doumboka.” Please take note of that.Who is Amadou Lowe after all  to tell us how to run our paper? Who cares if he knows BB Darboe?  Who cares if he  is angry about Lamarana Jallow’s stories? We are not interested about his crab. Let him go to hell.  Lowe got the audacity to call the Freedom Newspaper Editor, trying to investigate the true identity of Lamarana Jallow. We are not going to entertain such  unsolicited calls from Amadou Lowe anymore. Period!! . Let him go to court if he is aggrieved with the Freedom Newspaper. Lowe is stopping  too low by trying to second guess the identity of Lamarana Jallow.  That a lone can land him in court. He who  alleges should be in the position to defend his allegations. What are  his proofs to back up his allegations that Lamarana is Pa Nderry? What makes  him to reach to such an “erroneous and misleading” conclusion.? We cannot speak for Lamarana Jallow, but we are duty bound to dispel his malicious and smear campaign against the Freedom Newspaper. The Freedom Newspaper would not allow to  be blackmailed by a man, who whose sole objective is to censor independent voices in the name of “covering his savior BB Darboe.” Little, did Mr. Lowe knows that this paper holds Mr.Darboe with high esteem, considering his track record over the years. Publishing views critical of BB Darboe don’t make us his enemy. Is Amadou Lowe for real? No wonder that Africa is underdeveloped because of its dishonest so intellectuals who have nothing to offer to its people but “gross misinformation” and deception. We don’t need Amadou Lowe to realize our media project for the Gambia. A credible Newspaper, which worth its salt would refused to be remote controlled by people whose pre-occupation is to censor or conceal the truth. We rather die than to mortgage our hard earned credibility, only to satisfy agents of “hate and misinformation.”

Lowe’s  piece, which was published by a sister  local paper exposes the type of person he is. The Freedom Newspaper editorial policy is here to say. This is not the first time people who fell short of  our critical editorial stance cried foul. Lowe needs to get a life and stop the name calling. Does he meant to tell us that he wants  to join Jammeh’s sea of  unfinished sea of “speculation” about who is Lamarana Jallow? Ranting lowe’s  piece devoid of the truth, kept on rambling for nothing. Instead of defending BB on Lama’s allegations, he wasted his time and energy on a useless field day. If I were BB Darboe I would not hire  Amadou Lowe as my PR. His reaction was weak, misguided, ill informed and baseless.

The same Amadou Lowe used to praise sing  the Freedom Newspaper, calling us the “true sons of the Gambia and all that sort.” If he should  turn around and minces his past complements for Freedom, who cares? Such is typical of the average Gambian. We want to criticize people, but would not like to be criticized.

Unless we open up to genuine criticism, this country’s quest for just and democratic Gambia would not be achieved. Our so called intellectuals must take a lead on nurturing “political freedoms” on the continent, if they  truly want to see development in Africa. This is not the era, where politicians can dictate to the private press what they want. The private press should be free of censorship and political repression. I hope Lowe understands the gravity of the crime he committed by trying to censor the private press. The earlier Lowe stops meddling into the affairs of the private press, the better it would be for him.

What Amadou Lowe sought to do when he called this paper was to deny Lamarana Jallow the right to free expression, even though he lacked the  editorial mandate to influence our decision. Since he decided to take the blackmailing route, we are compelled to set the records straight. If a lie is left unchallenged, it might turn out to be the truth. Lowe should not blame anybody for getting what he deserved. A man of his caliber ought to know better. He ought to have respect for himself to avoid making  such “unsubstantiated allegations.” which are driven by hate and mere jealousy.

The likes of Lowe clearly exhibited what the Wollofs called”Man Fallewouma Guinow lalunsumamboka.” That’s  the height of hypocrisy. Very dishonest so to speak. As stated earlier, this paper is not all  about Yahya Jammeh and his APRC, as bandit in some quarters. Our line of coverage is beyond the APRC. We intend to give you balanced, accurate objective and up-to-date news.

If publishing the views of a non staffer of the Freedom  Newspaper constitutes to betraying the so called struggle against Jammeh, then so be it. Amadou Lowe is insignificant as far our quest to make Jammeh accountable to Gambians is concerned. We don’t need his commendation to reach our goal. We also don’t need his support-be it  financially or morally to achieve our long term plans. We relied on God and nothing else!!

When the likes of Lowe started  firing cheap shuts only  to baffle the gallery, the question that comes to mind is: Where was Amadou Lowe over the years? He meant to tell us that he was all the time hibernating in Atlanta? Look, Gambians are no fools to be deceived by people who “play hot and cool games”  during this dark period of our political history. The Gambia needs “true, dedicated and committed” citizens  who would never hibernate from them when needed. Perhaps, Lowe has good reasons for his hibernation.  Don’t tell me that you don’t  have status to stay in the US as a defense?  We are just curious???

The Freedom Newspaper valued Bakary Bunja Darboe’s past contributions to Gambia’s political health. That said, nothing would stop us from publishing views critical of  BB. It’s up to BB to defend himself if he feels that what Lamarana reported is erroneous. We don’t need to provoke BB to get his views on Freedom. We can access him if we want to. As journalists, we know how to develop contacts.

Mr.Lowe wanted to treat us as kids. He went as far as suggesting a truce with the Editor of this paper to drop all stories relating to Lamarana Jallow to facilitate an interview with BB and Saihou Sabally. He insisted that for Freedom to interview the two former political bigwigs, it must closed its doors to the famous Lamarana Jallow. Lowe did  also told us that Saihou Sabally personally intimated to  him about his intention to  be interviewed by Freedom to clear the air. At some point, we had to ignore his “unsolicited phone calls.” Each time, we published Lamarana’s pieces he would call asking the Editor to drop the story.

For the records, this paper would rather stop publishing than to be dictated by novice who had no “journalistic grounding.” We are aware of the fact that some people would from time and time want to use their past positions to reassert their might here at Freedom, but we prefer to bid farewell to such individuals than to be dictated. We know our job to the tip of our fingers. We don’t  need a non journalist to tell us how do our job. This is our area.

Finally, let Amadou Lowe be man enough to address the issues and stop the “misinformation campaign.” God is with us. Let enemies of Freedom sink!!!

Posted on Tuesday, June 12, 2007 (Archive on Sunday, July 22, 2007)
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