By Omar Bah,Editor-in-Chief

Amadou Lowe cannot scare our sources

I had not initially wanted to join the fray in nose-pulling Amadou Lowe into the right path but as a matter fact, I am compelled to do so under the circumstance.

Before going further, I want to make it clear that this Amadou Lowe guy is a non-issue when it comes to Gambian politics and better still media. Just briefly, I wish to  state that Mr Lowe has done nothing while within and outside the Gambia to merit even being given publicity in the paper – and I firmly belief such reactions we are giving him are unnecessary. But we have to. People like these do not have to be left unchallenged. He touched my pulse when he unleashed an unwarranted attack entangled in a barrel of lies against the Freedom Newspaper.

To me, Amadou Lowe has used the prototype of a disillusioned character running wander-wander like a headless chick. One thing we need to make clear to him is that we owe no allegiance to anybody but the Gambian people and our general readership. Period! Lowe failed to realize that going to a sister paper to publish his barrage of cheap propaganda against this paper even helped in exposing his ground-height intellectual standing and of course ill-agenda. But he also forgot the fact that we have the ability to defend ourselves. What we are doing is not a fight against Lowe, but simply, a defense. Our elderly friend at the VOA Ted Roberts says, “a lie, if left unchallenged will turn out to be truth”.

One thing we emphatically need to put across is that we will never allow anyone (of course with an evil agenda) to scare our sources. This Lowe guy, failed woefully in trying to establish who Lamarana actually is; and parting us with Michael Scales; and resorted to that cheap outburst. That cannot destract us. BB Dabo is a Gambian who has served in both administrations and if his scrutiny means having to reveal our sources to Stooge Amadou Lowe; or denying Lamarana print space, then we must be flaying off our journalistic ethics a great deal. How Amadou Lowe feels about us for publishing against BB Dabo does not shake our jackets. All we care about is what we give out to our readership in a very professional and genuine way. We rest our case. I promise I will not write in reaction to this man who is a non-issue as far as Gambian body-politic is concerned.

Omar Bah

Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2007 (Archive on Monday, July 30, 2007)
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