Alyssa Bustamante is only 15 years old. Still a child yet she committed a horrendous crime with reports claiming it was just so she could know what it feels like to kill someone. She strangled, stabbed and slit Elizabeth Olten’s throat and then hid her body in a wooded area close to both of their homes which she eventually confessed to and led the authorities to her body.

A juvenile justice officer testified in court Wednesday that Alyssa has attempted suicide two years ago and  has received both inpatient and outpatient mental health treatment for depression and cutting herself. Her juvenile defense attorney says the 15 year old has even tried cutting herself with her own fingernails while being held in jail in juvenile custody after killing Elizabeth.

Alyssa’s public defender Jan King says that the previous suicide attempt in a court document states that she was demonstrating signs of severe depression and anxiety and has been under a suicide watch while in jail.

King filed a motion requesting that Bustamante be transferred to a mental institute where she may receive immediate psychological treatment to access her current mental state and to prevent the possibility that she may harm herself. The judge has apparently agreed to send her to a hospital for up to 96 hours.

My question is if her condition has been known about all this time what was this girl doing walking on the streets free to do as she pleases? Clearly she could have been considered a danger in the state of mind she had been reported to be in.

It has been reported that a YouTube profile was found (but was has since been removed from online) where this 15 year old girl allegedly wrote that her hobbies were killing people and cutting. Now the question that comes to my mind is, is this just some crazed teenager trying to act bad or has she actually done this before? Or does she really looking at killing someone as a hobby?

Alyssa apparently has lived with her grandmother along with her three younger siblings who has been her legal guardian since 2002. She has been taking Prozac to help fight her depression. Her Twitter page shows some dark postings where she talks about some bad decisions and being buried.

Alyssa’s biological mother, Michelle Bustamante apparently has a history of drug and alcohol charges and her father, Ceasar Bustamante is serving several more years in a Missouri prison on assault charges.

So what did Elizabeth Olten do to Alyssa to make her want to kill her? Elizabeth was only 9 years old and full of life. She had her whole life ahead of her but this 15 year old robbed her of that life all because she wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone. This girl should have been locked up in an institution a long time ago. If she had been Elizabeth would be here today looking forward to Christmas with her family.

I am sorry but I blame the doctors and lawyers and government on this one. Alyssa should not have been allowed out in order to do this to someone else. Why aren’t the laws written to protect the innocent victims instead of the criminals? I just don’t understand why she wasn’t monitored at least if they knew she was dangerous. She shouldn’t even been allowed to be with her own siblings. They are lucky she didn’t snap with them.

My heart goes out to Elizabeth’s family. My prayers are with them as well as the families of all the other children taken from this world at the hands of someone else. I can’t begin to imagine the rage I would have if one of my children or grandsons were murdered and if I had to sit back and watch a defense attorney make excuses for the accused to get them off on a lighter sentence or charge. It would make me want to take the law in my own hands. I have buried two of my babies but it was from natural death. I know the pain and heartache I went through when I had to say good bye to them but it couldn’t have been harder or even as hard as it is to say good bye to a child that you never had a chance to tell them good bye and that you love them before they died. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

Please join me in saying prayers for these children that have been murdered and for those that are out there somewhere lost or hidden or kidnapped. I pray that those that are still alive will be brought home soon and for those that are lying somewhere that no one can find them to be found so their family’s can have some closure for them and lay them to rest the proper way. These include Caylee Anthony (found dead), Adji Desir (remains missing), Haleigh Cummings (remains missing), Somer Thompson (found dead), Elizabeth Olten (found dead) , Masaraha Ross (remains missing), Alex Mercado (drowned) Rebecca Marie Allen (found safe), Sandra Cantu (found dead), Anthony Holland (found safe), Shaniya Davis (found dead) Hassani Campbell (remains missing) Giovanni Gonzalez (reported dead), Neveah Buchanen ( found dead) and Shannon Dedrick who was by the grace of God found alive. I look back at this list and cry. God bless their little souls.

Jan Barrett

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