Whats ALPR? All is explained in this article.

The one thing that I love about technology companies is that they love to brag. There are few that cannot resist the limelight! And of course the Internet offers the perfect stomping ground.

In my previous article I expressed some concerns about ALPR and the way the data might be used. Obviously I must be psychic, a company has already beat me to the punch line.

A quick Google search brings you to Vigilant Video. They are proud to update every second how many plates are now in the database.


So this pretty much answers the question of what happens to the the ‘innocent scans’. Either that or every man woman and child in the country is a wanted felon!

So how can this data be used? This is where it gets very interesting. Of course maybe Vigilant Video might just be bragging. Another company Pips Technology adds some more fuel:


 Ouch, that pretty much says it all. The inference is that everything is kept for potential future use.

Back to the Vigilant folks, they offer this advice.


Hmm Historical Plate Data? So that clears up any issue with what happens to the ‘innocent’ data. It is kept!

Now what can you do with this information? Our friends at Vigilant explain.


Neat stuff? And surely a great idea for tracking criminals. But I am not completely convinced that everyone else should have their data in this system. What if a stalker managed access? What if an employer had access? What about health insurance companies? Does everyone need to know every move you make? I have some real doubts.

The big question is how long will it be before this wondrous database becomes just another ‘pay for’ service that anyone can buy?


From the screen shot above it is easy to see some of the data that is being recorded.

I am very surprised that the usual crowd who like to protect privacy are not all over this situation.

Vigilant Video can be found secretly recording you here.

And Pips Technology can be located here.

Both sites are were visiting and poking around in.

Simon Barrett

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