Allstate using astrological signs to predict drivers’ accident probability?


Allstate recently published an advertisement stating they did research on which horoscope signs were historically the best and worst drivers.  They claim they were just using this as a fun ad campaign  and won’t use the data to increase rates.  With the way things are going in this day and age, who knows if they will actually use the data, but it does make insurance a little more fun to read about.  Their study found that Virgos have the most accidents while Aries, Cancer and Taurus are the best drivers.  Their numbers were based on 2005 accident rates of their customers categorized by birthdates.


It appears Allstate is not the first to analyze this data.  Another company, Suncorp Metway, Ltd., did the same study over a three year period of data and ended up with different results.  They found that the worst drivers were Geminis, Taurus and Pisces, with the best drivers being Capricorns, Sagittarians and Scorpios.

Yet another company, Norwich Union conducted a similar survey and came up with yet another differing opinion.  They report Leos & Cancers as having the highest accidental damage claims.

Which source to believe?  Well being that astrology is a subjective subject, we won’t know for sure.  However, Elizabeth Joyce, a clairvoyant who has appeared on “Unsolved Mysteries” feels that Allstate’s findings are pretty accurate.  She states Leos are more likely to speed and cut people off.

While none of this makes a difference in our insurance rates or how we drive, at least when someone cuts us off we can say, “That must have been a Leo!” 
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