Well, that’s not the headlines.

The actual headline is:

U.N. Warns of Possible Gaza Collapse

and the first line of the article is:

Gaza’s already weak economy could collapse unless the main commercial crossing between Gaza and Israel is reopened, Gaza businessmen and United Nations officials said today.

Muhammed Muheisen/Associated Press

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, right, with the European Union’s foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, in the West Bank city of Ramallah today.

The Karni crossing has been shut since June 12 because the Fatah-affiliated Palestinians who operated it fled after Hamas took over Gaza in bloody fighting.

Israelis in self defense decided to hire others to pick their crops and run their factories after Arafat started the post Camp David Summit uprising of anti Israeli violence.

Then after hundreds of Israelis were hurt or killed by Suicide bombers, Israel got meaner, and put up a fence so that you had to be checked before entering Israel.
The bad news is that a lot of innocent Palestinians were harmed by the fence.

But no one has the nerve to say: GET A LIFE. Grow Up.
So after the Peace Prize winner, who will remain unnamed, died of AIDS, and left the millions of aid money that he stole to his blond third wife, the place went bonkers.

The people voted out a murderous incompetent corrupt group called Fatah and replaced it with an even more murderous slightly less incompetent and maybe less corrupt group called Hamas.

And the two murderous groups are fighting each other, and the only thing they agree to is that every Jew in Israel needs to be murdered or thrown out, and then presumably the displaced will get back their land and be rich.

Ah, but never mentioned in this plea for justice is the hundreds of thousands of Jews thrown out of Morocco, Iran, Iraq and other countries who fled to Israel. Does anyone really think that Iran will welcome their 100 000 citizens and give them back their land and shops? Morocco? Algeria? Tunesia?
The dirty little secret is that you can’t have it both ways. You just can’t have Mickey mouse teach hatred to your preschoolers, and textbooks preach hatred to school aged children, and the press teach hatred day in and day out, and then go to the person you are hating and say: GIMME.

What the entire place needs is an Oprahathon. Have them all cry on Oprah’s shoulders and then figure out why they are caught in negative behavioral patterns. And then, move on.

If half of the money and energy spent on hating Israel had been put into building a business infrastructure, Gaza would be the latest Monte Carlo of the Mediterranean. 

Actually, I feel sorry for the Palestinians, but it’s like being a doctor and treating an abused wife. She takes the abuse, stays in the bad situation, moans about her aches and pains and takes legal or illegal drugs to dull her pain, but never faces that simple fact that she won’t help herself, and all the psychiatrists and women’s shelters won’t do a thing until she herself decides to do something.

And what the NYTimes and the polls on most Middle Eastern questions miss is not that Americans hate Bush, but that they are sick and tired of rescuing people who won’t help themselves and want us to do it.

The problem is that letting the thugs win is like allowing the Crips and Bloods to take over L.A.

Except in this case the gangs have members in dozens of other countries and don’t want just to sell us drugs and be rich, but want to take over our countries so that they can order us to wear Burkhas and pray five times a day.


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