Allison Quets is the woman who had revoked her consent for the adoption of her twins, Tyler and Holly Quets, and then after an intense legal battle, had taken them across the border to Canada. She’s since returned to the US, and is currently awaiting judgement from the NC courts.

Allison Quets had Hyperemesis, a rare condition which made her severely ill for several months during and after her pregnancy, and in which she still has not fully recovered from.

Allison had decided after the Needham’s had stood her up for a visit that she was supposed to receive in December, that she just wanted to be with her twins. Ottawa Citizen Video, she states that she and her twins are very much bonded.

Many people are standing up, and supporting Allison Quets, as awareness is building around the corrupt Florida Laws. There is currently a petition which calls for Allison’s twins to be returned to her, siting that the the lawyers were unjust in taking away her twins. After being coerced while almost dying, she was not restored custody of Tyler and Holly, though she had wanted to keep them, and has proven in the days following Allison’s leave of the US, is perfectly capable of taking care of them.

Heather Kuhn is an author who writes for Todays News and BNN

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