Allison Quets, who had attempted to stop the adoption of her twins to Kevin and Denise Needham legally for 18 months, was denied leave from the Wake County jail on Friday, after the judge ruled that she was a flight risk and a danger to her community, according to the News & Observer.

However, those who know her realize that she took her children to Canada in an act of desperation, because of a lack of adoption law regulation in the state of Florida protecting mothers’ rights, as well as a lack of regulation in the family law courts.

During the time in which Allison had unsupervised visits, she had attempted to ask Denise Needham the name of her children’s pediatrician, because Holly Quets had a severe diaper rash, and she needed medical treatment. Holly and Tyler also needed medical treatments for ear aches. When the prospective adoptive parents refused to give her the name of their pediatrician, Allison took them to a doctor of her own. As any mother would, she felt that them not giving her the pediatricians’ name and not putting the babies’ medical needs first, the Needhams were behaving in a self serving and were neglecting her children and putting their health at risk.

On a legal level, one of the concerns Allison Quets had, was the fact that she had not completed all of the paperwork, allowing both of her twins to leave the state of Florida.

Therefore, when the Needhams took both Holly and Tyler out of the state of Florida, with the aid of Michael Shorstein, this was illegal and should have initiated kidnapping charges against the Needhams, and Shorstein as an accomplice. The lack of adoption law regulation, has caused these important oversights to go unaccounted for. This has lead to Allison being arrested for kidnapping her own children even though she had done everything legally without justice. It has allowed for Shorstein to fraudulently obtain children and he is free to continue this business, and it has allowed the Needhams to continue to be responsible for these children despite the neglect, without any consequence.

When Allison had asked for copies of the papers that she had signed, Shorstein had refused to give copies of these documents to her. Another indication that adoption law is corrupt, because the only person able to get copies of the relinquishment or adoption papers, is the lawyer who handles the adoption. When a conflict of interest arises on behalf of the adoption lawyer, the laws protect them at all cost, even the cost of the lives of the children.

This is a clear indication that there needs to be a serious overhaul of the entire adoption law throughout this country.

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