Queens University in Kingston Ontario is running ads on Vancouver radio asking, “Did you know you can now earn a Queens MBA while living in Vancouver?”  Queens is running these ads right under the nose of Simon Fraser University’s new Segal Graduate School of Business in downtown Vancouver.  In this environment of intense competition for Masters of Business Administration students, Simon Fraser University is not disclosing to applicants all the facts they need to make an informed decision. 

Ernie Love, Dean of SFU Business, and Michael Stevenson, President of SFU, apparently aren’t telling prospective students that they were informed in writing in 2007 that companies in Canada would be asked not to hire graduates of the Segal Graduate School of Business.  There is no doubt that this letter was received as the courier obtained a signature and stamp from the Segal Graduate School of Business.  

The letter was signed by a member of Boycott SFU, a group critical of SFU’s “expansionist projects” while it’s history of allegedly functioning as a site for the procurement of sexual services for male professors with wives and children remains uninvestigated.  One such expansionist project is the new Segal Graduate School of Business in downtown Vancouver, launched to much fanfare on the 20th anniversary of a female student dropping out of SFU because she could no longer cope with sexual harassment.  It was mentioned that the woman who dropped out of SFU lives in poverty on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, just a few blocks away from the site of SFU’s swanky new Segal School (photo of lobby below).  

The opening of the new Segal Graduate School of Business put salt on wounds still stinging from SFU’s celebration of it’s 40th anniversary as a “progressive” university in the fall of 2006. 

“If I wanted an MBA,” says an alleged victim of sexual harassment, “I’d go with Queens.”

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