Patrick Bishop walked into the West Side Auto Mart in Hartford, Wisconsin to buy a pack of cigarettes. He pulled out a handgun which turned out to be just a toy gun, and took the cash out of the register. He made his escape on a silver Mongoose mountain bike he had outside the store. As he was peddling away he started removing his clothing til he got down to nothing but his underwear. He got rid of his weapon, the toy gun, before being caught.

When he was finally caught the police found $412 stuffed into his underwear , just like money is given to exotic dancers as tips. Also found stuffed inside the underwear was his empty wallet and a pack of Pall Mall Cigarettes, the same pack he got from the store to begin with.

Hartford Police Chief David Groves said that Bishop told the cops that someone had robbed him who looked a lot like himself taking his clothes, leaving him with nothing but his underwear, an empty wallet and all his money.

Of course the police found this hard to believe so they arrested Bishop charging him with armed robbery and booked him into the Washington County jail. A security tape from the store clearly shows Patrick Bishop inside the store. His bail was set at $10,000 and a preliminary hearing has been set for August 6th.

Jan Barrett

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