Alright, folks. I think we are seeing a phenomenon in the making. But first this word of sanity…

Barack Hussein Obama is an empty suit. You know it and I know it. In fact, I know it even better because I am from Illinois. I’ve watched Barack do practically NOTHING for his entire political career, save vote on the extreme left every time he bothered to vote — which wasn’t too often. He has the worst absentee and “present” vote record of any Illinois politician.

He even voted not to allow emergency care to babies who suffered the failed attempts of an abortion but were born anyway, legislation called the “born-alive act” in Illinois. He has been a strong abortion advocate since day one. The man is straight up baby killer.

But, aside from this he did about zip in the Illinois state house, just as he’s done about zip in the Senate of the United States. He sponsors little legislation and votes as little as he can get away with, mostly so that he doesn’t have to take a stand in public on any particular issue. He wants as little record as possible so that people have as little history from which to judge him.

And yet, not a single bit of this will matter. His legion of fans (and they can more rightfully be considered fans, not political followers) don’t give a donkey’s ass about what he does or does not really stand for. All they see is the “magic man” they love, the man who is for “change.” They haven’t a clue what that means, but they love it unconditionally.

This man has the singular ability to make slobbering nitwits of everyone he meets.

If (and I’m not saying he will, I’m saying if) Barack gets the Nomination he could win the general election big no matter what Republican he faces.

I have been watching the turn out at these several primaries as well as the new voter registration and I am noticing that Democrat registration from young and new voters is high. Democrat turn out has also been much higher than the GOP turn out in these primaries thus far. Obama is bringing people to the polls in droves. And this is even more significant. Black voters are starting to turn his way. Black voters have been wary of Obama since day one, but they are beginning to turn to him in great numbers. This huge block of voters can easily put him over the top.

Not only that, but white voters in states that do not have a large black population are voting for him in significant numbers. So, Obama seems to have the vote of starry-eyed whites, too. His is no one sided racial support on either side of that racial divide.

If Hillary Clinton wins by loading up her delegate count or if she can convince the Party that she would have the edge in Electoral votes forcing a brokered convention to go her way, all these new voters might not turn out for her over their anger that Barack was beaten. I believe that the GOP could beat Hillary no matter who she is up against. I won’t say it is a sure thing, but it might be easier for the GOP to beat Hillary than if they face Obama.

If Barrack Obama becomes the Democrat Party Nominee, we will scream ourselves blue in the face (no pun intended) about how unqualified, how empty, how just plain ridiculous his candidacy is. But, just as happened for Bill Clinton, it will not matter a whit. Those who will vote for him do not care at all about any political issue. They don’t care about votes, the issues, the Constitution… nothing will matter but that he is “the man of change.” And, they won’t even have a clue what that “change” even portends. “Change” is all they need to see and it is quite enough despite how empty it is.

I am telling you right now, that if Barack Hussein Obama is the nominee of the Democrat Party, he could easily become president in 2008. And there won’t be a single thing sane and knowledgeable political followers will be able to do to stop it.

Mark my words. Michelle will soon be looking for new drapes if her hubby becomes the Democrat nominee.

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