The developments in Anna Hazare issue today is an unmistakable indication that all political parties including BJP and the Left have conspired together to support Congress in its fight against Anna Hazare.

The end result of the All Party meet was only to request Mr Anna Hazare to stop the fast with no positve assurance on the introduction of LokPal Bill as desired by Anna Hazare. I am sure that BJP and Left party leaders were also in similar parties.

It was ironic that the Prime Minister was feasting in the Iftaar party when Mr Anna Hazare was fasting into the 9th day. It clearly showed that this Government has no concern for anti corruption or for the welfare of the people.

We all know that the Congress party is against the movement from the beginning. But what was surprising was the way BJP and Left wriggled out of their responsibility and indirectly ensured that the UPA stand had ultimately prevailed.

Now there is no option for the  Anna movement other than declaring the next goal as going for a midterm election and vote a new Parliament which actually represents the people of India.

If BJP and Left want to join UPA 3, they can consider the option now and go to election as part of UPA 3 . Let Anna and party nominate their own representatives for election from all the constitutencies across the country and let us see who wins.

Though Anna’s party does not have the financial strength, unless the election commission commits a fraud, people will triumph against a united UPA, BJP and the Left.

Baba Ramdev who wants to enter into politics and the Jago party which is already in the fray with an Anti Corruption plank for the last few years and is supporting the current movement can join hands. Those MPs like Varun Gandhi and Yashvant Sinha and Shatrughan Sinha as well as Rajani Kant and others who are willing to walk out of their respective parties now can provide the political leadership and all corrupt politicians can be sent out in one lot.


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