I have to admit that the concept of a book on some digital do-hickey did not excite me. I am a fan of paper, it has thousands of uses, a trip to the bathroom would not be complete without paper, a sneeze would be messy without paper, a three year old armed with a Crayola’s and no paper, now you have a real problem! The white walls of the bed room are just the ideal spot for little Johnny to express his creative side.

Who needs an eBook reader? I certainly did not. A book is more than mere words on a page, it is a tactile experience. The paper used, the typesetting, the cover art, even how it feels in your hand, these are vital components to me.

As a book reviewer, it is the little things that I enjoy.

OK I am from the dinosaur age, I am proud to admit that I own no iAnythings, you might as well be talking in Klingon!

One thing is certain though, the book world is changing. I like many looked at the infant eReaders with skepticism, crude, clunky, and grossly overpriced. Like all technology the eReaders have grown in capabilities while dropping in price. Increasingly these devices seem to represent a real shot in the arm to the publishing world. Book sales were falling as people turned to the internet and cell phone for entertainment. The portable devices allowed people flexibility, you could do it when and where you wanted! Books can be clunky items, they do not fit in your pocket, and you certainly would not want to carry 10 or so around all day.

The eReader has changed that, you can carry many books around in a small device that is light and does fit in your jacket pocket.

But, that is not why I want one! I am a book reviewer, and I have two problems. Much like that great line from Star Trek ‘Space, the final frontier’, space indeed is my final frontier. Books take up a whole lot of room (or rooms hahaha). The second problem is that increasingly authors want to send me electronic galleys. My favorite reading spot is outside on my front porch, but the electronic books keep me inside glued to my damn computer screen!

I will be the first to admit that I don’t like paying more than I have to for anything. The absolute best value seems to be the Kindle. At $139 this is without doubt the best deal in town. If Santa reads Blogger News, you know what to bring me 🙂

Simon Barrett

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