In a news story that reads more like a Douglas Adams plot than anything else. A Malaysian woman has been jailed for two years for belonging to a cult that worships a giant ‘Tea Pot’.

Although Malaysia tolerates religions other than Muslim, under Malaysian law if you are Muslim born you cannot switch religions. This is not the first time that ex teacher Kamariah Ali has fallen foul of the law, she was also jailed in 1992 for the same offence.

So enraged were the Malaysian authorities with the sect, (know as the Sky Kingdom cult), that they have demolished the two story tea pot.

Why a Tea Pot? Well the sect led by a man who says he is God and owner of everything, believes the teapot has healing properties.

Passing sentence, the Sharia judge Mohammed Abdullah said “The court is not convinced that the accused has repented and is willing to abandon any teachings contrary to Islam. I pray God will open the doors of your heart, Kamariah.”

The questions remains, how often are the cult members going to end up in jail for this bizarre crime?

Simon Barrett




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